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Our Business Model

You want your furniture refurbished by us? Well our process is simple: 

(Step 1) Fill out this form on our contact page with details of what you want done with your furniture and at least one image attached that shows your item's current condition. 

(Step 2) Within 24 hours we'll reply with a quote for our services.


(Step 3) Decide if you want to do business with us. If you elect to go through with our refinishing services, send us a quick email or call us up and coordinate a date for when we can come and pick up your furniture to bring back to our workshop. 


(Step 4) After we come and pick up your item(s) from you, we will begin work on your furniture immediately. Now, just wait for us to finish up with your furniture(we'll give you an estimate on how long your furniture should take when you contact us for a quote).


(Step 5)  When your furniture is finished being restored, we will quickly deliver it back to the comfort of your home. That's right, when you work with us, you won't ever have to worry about picking up or delivering your furniture to us!

That's it! Enjoy your newly refinished furniture!

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